Public Uzbey bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Uzbey - test
Uzbey - Test
Uzbey - Test
Uzbey - SQL Injection
Uzbey - XSS in 3rd party plugin (not affecting Uzbey's users)
Uzbey - Missing "size check" on files to upload could make memory leaks.
Uzbey - IFXSS (image filename XSS) by creating a new Photo Gallery
Uzbey - Mass invitation send
Uzbey - Information Disclosure (phpinfo())
Uzbey - Price Manipulation
Uzbey - Flash Content-Type Sniffing Vulnerability
Uzbey - Email Flooding Vuln
Uzbey - Clickjacking at
Uzbey - HTML Form Without CSRF Protection Vulnerability
Uzbey - Breach Attack Vulnerability
Uzbey - Cross site scripting in type parameter
Uzbey - CMS Information Disclosure
Uzbey - email field doesn't filtered against XSS
Uzbey - Language version disclosure in response header
Uzbey - All Active user sessions should be destroyed when user change his password!
Uzbey - Cross-site scripting vulnerability detected
Uzbey - Missing HSTS (Strict Transport Security)
Uzbey - Album image XSS
Uzbey - SQL injection, time zoom script, tile ID
Uzbey - SQL injection, tile ID