Public Snapchat bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Snapchat $5,000 RCE/LFI on test Jenkins instance due to improper authentication flow
Snapchat $250 [] Bypassing quantity limit in orders
Snapchat $500 CRLF Injection at
Snapchat $15,000 Open prod Jenkins instance
Snapchat $250 RTLO char allowed in chat
Snapchat $250 Bypassing "You've requested your data the maximum number of times today." + "Please Verify an email address with snapchat to continue"
Snapchat - Subdomain takeover of
Snapchat $250 Incoming email hijacking on
Snapchat $400 [] Stored XSS via an incorrect avatar property value
Snapchat $3,000 Subdomain takeover on
Snapchat $1,000 Administrator access to a Django Administration Panel on * via bruteforced credentials
Snapchat $1,000 Subdomain takeover in pointing to Zendesk (a Snapchat acquisition)
Snapchat $1,500 Password Reset - query param overrides postdata
Snapchat $100 Captcha Bypass in Snapchat's Geofilter Submission Process
Snapchat $100 Vulnerable to JavaScript injection. (WXS) (Javascript injection)!