Public Ruby bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Ruby - Open aws s3 bucket s3://rubyci
Ruby - RCE (Remote Code Execution) Vulnerability on Ruby
Ruby $500 public report - Reproducible - Writable RubyCi Amazon s3 bucket[207053]
Ruby $500 Open S3 Bucket WriteAble To Any Aws User
Ruby $500 Writable RubyCi Amazon s3 bucket
Ruby $500 Buffer underflow in sprintf
Ruby $200 Arbitrary heap overread in strscan on 32 bit Ruby, patch included
Ruby - Ruby:HTTP Header injection in 'net/http'
Ruby - Heap corruption in string.c tr_trans() due to undersized buffer
Ruby - Heap corruption in DateTime.strftime() on 32 bit for certain format strings
Ruby $500 StringIO strio_getline() can divulge arbitrary memory
Ruby - SMTP command injection
Ruby $1,500 Ruby: Heap Overflow in Floating Point Parsing