Public RelateIQ bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
RelateIQ $500 PoodleBleed
RelateIQ $250 Relateiq SSLv3 deprecated protocol vulnerability.
RelateIQ $100 Cross-site Scripting in mailing (username)
RelateIQ $190 Resubmitted with POC #18685 Password reset CSRF
RelateIQ $250 SSRF (Portscan) via Register Function (Custom Server)
RelateIQ $200 Failed Certificate Validation On Custom Server (Register)
RelateIQ - Old Sessions remain valid after the password change.
RelateIQ $100 Wildcard DNS in website
RelateIQ $100 TRACE disclosure attack may be possible
RelateIQ $100 Captcha Bypass With Extension
RelateIQ - RelateIQ GWT based application visible to unauthenticated users
RelateIQ $100 HTML injection in "Invite Collaborators"
RelateIQ $100 Cross Site Scripting (XSS) -
RelateIQ $100 XSRF token problem
RelateIQ $100 Value of JSESSIONID and XSRF token parameter in cookie remains same before and after login
RelateIQ - open redirect