Public OkCupid bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
OkCupid - An XSS bug was fixed due to my report, but I didn't submit it through the h1
OkCupid - XSS on Send A Message Option
OkCupid - Stored XSS in popup messages window
OkCupid - Rosetta flash vulnerability in clientstats AJAX script
OkCupid - XSS Vulnerability Found!
OkCupid - Reflected XSS on
OkCupid - vulnerable to Heartbleed attack
OkCupid - Xss high issue in main domain in users signup page
OkCupid - XSS in by hamid
OkCupid - Server leaks version number
OkCupid - DOM based XSS in changing email address
OkCupid - Security issue in OkCupid
OkCupid - XSS in "Questions" search module
OkCupid - XSS in 404 page of
OkCupid - XSS -
OkCupid - Stored XSS on your site..
OkCupid - Stored Cross-site scripting vulnerability in okcupid
OkCupid - XSS In Profle
OkCupid - XSS on []
OkCupid - Login destination open redirection
OkCupid - Cross-site scripting vulnerability
OkCupid - Direct XSS vulnerabilities (persistent) in
OkCupid - CSRF vulnerability.
OkCupid - Instagram Authentication - No Request Token
OkCupid - Users can easily be tricked into changing/disabling privacy and notification settings
OkCupid - Cross-site scripting