Public Imgur bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Imgur $5,000 RCE by command line argument injection to `gm convert` in `/edit/process?a=crop`
Imgur $2,500 Remote Code Execution on
Imgur $250 Stored xss in ALBUM DESCRIPTION
Imgur $5,000 Unauthenticated Docker registry
Imgur $100 Stored XSS in albums on
Imgur $100 XSS via React element spoofing
Imgur $5,000 Local file read in image editor
Imgur $1,000 SSRF / Local file enumeration / DoS due to improper handling of certain file formats by ffmpeg
Imgur $800 SSRF and local file read in video to gif converter
Imgur $2,000 SSRF in
Imgur $50 Big Bug in SSL : breach compression attack (CVE-2013-3587) affect
Imgur $150 XSS in imgur mobile 3
Imgur $150 XSS in imgur mobile
Imgur $150 risk of having secure=false in a crossdomain.xml
Imgur - Attack User Privacy Settings - X-Frame-Options missing on
Imgur - Login to any user account using other facebook app access token
Imgur $5,500 Imgur dev environments facing the Internet
Imgur $150 XSS
Imgur $50 Persistent XSS in and / post statistics
Imgur $250 Persistent XSS in image title
Imgur - Csrf near report abuse meme
Imgur $1,600 Server Side Request Forgery In Video to GIF Functionality
Imgur $50 Crossdomain.xml settings on too open
Imgur $50 Reflected Flash XSS using swfupload.swf with an epileptic reloading to bypass the button-event
Imgur - Content Sniffing not enabled
Imgur $50 "Sign me out everywhere" does not work for desktop sessions
Imgur - Open Url redirection on login with facebook