Public Ian Dunn bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Ian Dunn $25 constant cache_page_secret in regolith
Ian Dunn $50 unchecked unserialize usages in audit-trail-extension/audit-trail-extension.php
Ian Dunn $25 unchecked unserialize usage in WordPress-Functionality-Plugin-Skeleton/functionality-plugin-skeleton.php
Ian Dunn - No CAPTCHA ia exist in pages
Ian Dunn - All Plugins - Direct file access to plugin files Vulnerability
Ian Dunn - Google Authenticator0.6 - PHP Version Dosclosure
Ian Dunn - Google Authenticator - Cross Site Scripting
Ian Dunn $50 CSV Injection in Camptix
Ian Dunn - Potentially vulnerable version of Apache software in and default files on
Ian Dunn - bypass to csv injection
Ian Dunn $100 Bypass fix in report.
Ian Dunn $50 Bypassing CSV injection using new line charcter
Ian Dunn - stored SELF xss on Basic Google Maps Placemarks Settings plugin
Ian Dunn - Send emails to all users using Camptix
Ian Dunn - [Not just a server configuration issue] Full Path Disclosure
Ian Dunn - CSRF in changing settings of Basic Google Maps Placemarks
Ian Dunn $50 Multiple XSS in Camptix Event Ticketing Plugin
Ian Dunn - User enumeration in wp-admin
Ian Dunn $375 CSV Injection at Camptix Event Ticketing
Ian Dunn - Brute force on wp-login
Ian Dunn - SSL certificate public key less than 2048 bit
Ian Dunn $50 Stored XSS from ticket messages in admin table in SupportFlow
Ian Dunn $50 Stored XSS in SupportFlow Ticket Subject
Ian Dunn - XSS in Tagregator plugin
Ian Dunn - Path Disclosure Vulnerability
Ian Dunn - PHP and Wordpress version disclosure
Ian Dunn - Multiple Path Disclosure
Ian Dunn $25 Xss in CampTix Event Ticketing
Ian Dunn $25 Stored XSS in all fields in Basic Google Maps Placemarks Settings