Public CloudFlare bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
CloudFlare - Cloudflare based XSS for IE11
CloudFlare - [] Open Redirect
CloudFlare - Reflected XSS on
CloudFlare - Clickjacking :
CloudFlare - Apache mod_negotiation filename bruteforcing
CloudFlare - User can request for password reset link without giving his website, eventhough he have it
CloudFlare - CSRF and No password requirement in this URL Billing Info
CloudFlare - Password reset threshold not set
CloudFlare - Bug Report
CloudFlare - User's data leak
CloudFlare - Threat control information leak
CloudFlare - Security issue with your "bag" script
CloudFlare - Cookie missing the Secure flag
CloudFlare - Flash-based XSS in subdomain
CloudFlare - System Status Update CSRF
CloudFlare - XSS -
CloudFlare - Apache Multiviews are enabled
CloudFlare - csrf on password change functionality
CloudFlare - Cross-site scripting 2
CloudFlare - Content spoofing /CSRF at
CloudFlare - jplayer.swf Cross-site scripting
CloudFlare - CSRF in Cloudflare login