Public Automattic bug reports.

Team Bounty Title
Automattic $225 XSS Vulnerability in WooCommerce Product Vendors plugin
Automattic $800 SSRF and local file disclosure in via FFmpeg HLS processing
Automattic $500 An Automattic employee's GitHub personal access token exposed in Travis CI build logs
Automattic $250 cloudup Subdomain Takeover That resolves to ( CNAME )
Automattic $100 Follow Button XSS
Automattic $300 [bbPress] Stored XSS in any forum post.
Automattic $500 WordPress core stored XSS via attachment file name
Automattic $1,337 WordPress SOME bug in plupload.flash.swf leading to RCE
Automattic $1,337 WordPress Flash XSS in *flashmediaelement.swf*
Automattic $75 XSS on
Automattic $75 Akismet Several CSRF vulnerabilities
Automattic $75 CPU utilization 99% on visiting wordpress site url & open redirect found
Automattic $75 XSS at
Automattic $75 XSS at
Automattic $250 Internal GET SSRF via CSRF with Press This scan feature
Automattic $50 Possible Timing Side-Channel in XMLRPC Verification
Automattic $75 XSS on
Automattic $75 Remove anyone's pic gravtar
Automattic $75 CSV Injection in
Automattic $50 WooCommerce: Support Ticket indirect object reference
Automattic $100 XSS in WordPress
Automattic $100 Verification code issues for Two-Step Authentication
Automattic - Open Redirect in WordPress Feed Statistics {Affected All Versions}
Automattic - Missing HSTS header in
Automattic - Missing HSTS header in
Automattic - Top 10 2013-A2-Broken Authentication and Session Management -
Automattic - User Enumeration and Guessable User Account Attack on WORDPRESS
Automattic - Process of changing email address and password does not asks old Password.
Automattic - Serving Transitions From: HTTP Protocol (not secure)
Automattic - - DOM based XSS.
Automattic - Self XSS
Automattic $250 privilege escalation
Automattic - information disclosure
Automattic - XSS on gravatar
Automattic - xss in
Automattic - logout csrf
Automattic - xss in
Automattic - storage.swf XSS
Automattic - HTML form without CSRF protection
Automattic - Session Cookie without Secure flag set
Automattic - Session Cookie without Secure flag set
Automattic - Simplenote Silverlight cross-domain policy misconfiguration